Monday, March 14, 2011

MTAS Shed Exhibition 26th March to 3rd April

Please mark your calendars!
The Macquarie Towns Art Society are running a 'Shed Exhibition' at the 330 Windsor St, Richmond (Opposite Magnolia Mall)  
Entry will be free to all members!
This is an 'open shed' exhibition running for 9 days from Saturday 26th March to Sunday 3rd April.
Take in for all artworks is Thursday 24th March at 10am.

Take in for Craft, Jewellery, Pottery etc is Friday 25th March at 10am.  (note: if difficult on the Friday, after 12 noon on the Thursday is OK)
Due to wall area restrictions we ask that works be generally small to medium size. There is no exact limit as such but we ask as a guide to work around six works maximum per person at this stage.
There will be a commission to MTAS of 25% for all sold works.
I will keep you posted over the next few days on updated further details of artwork delivery dates/times, rosters etc.
For further information or roster volunteers please contact Sharron on 4572 5580

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Sheila Sharp said...

ph no should be 4572 5580